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Pickware in the Shopware 6-World


With Shopware 6, Shopware has created a completely new product that focuses on more flexibility and less complexity, meeting the demands of tomorrow's technological e-commerce world today and put both user and customer first.

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Pickware was involved in the development of Shopware 6 from the very beginning and will continue to be part of the new Shopware world as a Preferred Technology Partner.

Until the release of Shopware 6.1 in December, there will be a Pickware roadmap to the current state of development. Until then, all current information and news will be published at this page and in the Newsletter. The following is an overview of the most important information.


Pickware ERP in Shopware 6

Pickware ERP also forms the basis of Pickware in Shopware 6 and integrates central functions of a merchandise management system into your online shop. Until now, a license for the Shopware Professional Edition was necessary. With Shopware 6 this is no longer the case, as all Shopware users - regardless of the license - can now use Shopware 6 in combination with Pickware!!
Expected release for Shopware 6: December 2019

Pickware WMS in Shopware 6

Even in Shopware 6 you can automate your warehouse and shipping processes with Pickware WMS, keep track of your inventory and offer your customers the best service with the shortest delivery times.
Expected release for Shopware 6: March 2020

Pickware POS in Shopware 6

Our POS system Pickware POS will also communicate with your Shopware 6 shop and support you in your Omnichannel business. In particular, you can look forward to the new POS UI, which will be available in both the 5 and 6 world in the future.
Expected release for Shopware 6: December 2019

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